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Pole Barn Kits on the Road again

So, you need a pole barn and you want to get the most value from your purchase.  First thing to consider is what type of pole barn will best suit your needs. Steel truss pole barns are very popular because unlike wooden pole barns, steel truss pole barns do not need things like headers, knee braces or hurricane clips as the trusses sit on and bolt thru the post.  Clips welded to the top make it easy. Bolt them together and they are ready to go.

Stronger and lighter than wooden trusses. Steel truss pole barn kits are popular because they save so much time. If you decide steel truss pole barn kits are for you, then you might want to take a look at some plans  https://overbuiltbarns.com/plans/  if you need to get a permit for your pole barn, you need engineered plans. Even if you have a contractor pull the permit, you still need certified plans.

The biggest advantage to buying a steel truss pole barn kit is convenience , with a good pole barn kit, you will have everything you need to build your barn all in one purchase. Most pole barn kit sellers offer delivery also. Consider the time involved in gathering all the materials, being sure they are the right materials, and the time and fuel you will spend, might just be canceling out any savings you were trying to realize and wasting your valuable time.

Another advantage in buying steel truss pole barn kits is the fact that you can lock in the price, even if you plan to outsource the labor, you can be sure the materials are there from the start.  You wont need to rely on the installers to purchase materials for you.  You will be able to clearly see the true labor price that you are paying. This will strengthen your bargaining position and allow you to take control of the project. It will make things easy for the crew at the same time, freeing them to concentrate on assembly.

Of course nobody wants to over pay, getting a kit is convenient but before you buy:
Ask your dealer to give you a materials list with a clear break down showing the cost of each item. This way you can compare prices to determine if it’s worth buying a kit or purchasing everything yourself .

You have to ask Can you get everything in one place? How far is the supplier? How much fuel will it take? trailer? tires?

Remember that putting a barn kit together takes work so keep that in mind when considering your decision. YOUR DEALER should be able to offer competitive prices. At Over Built Barns we buy everything possible in quantity keeping prices low on high quality materials.