Material handling

Should you pick it up?
Or should you have it delivered?
Sometimes doing it yourself doesn’t always save money, in fact it can cost quite a bit. If you have a decent trailer that can haul a car, or have access to one, then chances are, it will haul your steel truss barn kit, consider the time it takes, it’s almost always more than your first estimate, weight the cost of fuel and your time against the delivery charge. Keep in mind there could be hidden expenses like blown out trailer or truck tires, possible vehicle malfunctions on the highway and countless other hazards that can ambush you at anytime, even so, sometimes pick up is the most cost effective way to get you barn to the building site. These steel trusses come in two sections for easy transportation to the building site. a 24′ truss has 2 half sections both just under 14′ long with the overhang, while a 40′ truss has a top cord just under 22′.

If you steel truss barn is 40′ wide and you have standard trusses with a 3 or 4/12 pitch then the longest pieces will be the metal panels at 22’2″ long. Duel axle 20′ car haulers are the more than capable of hauling most barn kits. If you do have it delivered than the delivery crew should unload it for you. If you own the trailer and wont be needing it while the barn is being erected, then it’s kind of nice to have the steel truss pole barn kit on a trailer where it can be moved about, if necessary.