Overbuilt Barns Inc. has been in business since 2008 with barn building experience reaching back to the early 90’s and thousands of barns sold over the years.
Located three miles south of Cross City on US 19 and 55A we offer complete pole barn kit packages with or without certified engineered plans. Discount lumber in quantity is also sold here and roofing metal and hardware is available.
At Overbuilt Barns, Inc. we’re all about barns.
 In the early days the barns were made with wooden trusses or conventional barns with 2×6 rafters, knee braces, and double headers, hurricane clips were also necessary, these trusses needed to be set every 2 to 4 feet apart, they were extremely labor intensive and time-consuming to erect, there were also more materials so there was more expense.
 After discovering the easy steel truss system we never built another wooden barn again, in our minds at least, wooden barns became obsolete.
The fact is, steel trusses are lighter and more cost effective than wood trusses.


  • Steel trusses will not rot and can not be consumed by insects
  • Steel trusses come in two sections that bolt together in the center making transportation as easy as possible
  • Our steel trusses have clips welded on top so no layout is needed, saving, even more, time and eliminating potential mistakes.
  • These trusses can be engineered to be set on ten or twelve-foot centers making them cost effective indeed.

At Overbuilt Barns Inc. We got you covered.